Friends with benefits

9 Mar

Saturday lunch with good mates and babies what could be better. I have to say the hubby pulled it out of the bag with an amazing beef Wellington and even the junior diners tucked in!

Spending some time with these guys made me realise again just how important good mates are and how lucky I am to have one so completely on my wave length with a little girl virtually the same age. I’ve said I’m not the girly mate type (I had a male bridesmaid) but that’s another thing that having a baby has done for me – made me see how lucky I am to have such a friendship and allowed me to stop obsessing about my ability to manage everything myself and lean on someone.

When the hubby is away with work she’s around, she makes time to call me when she knows I’m feeling crappy or vulnerable even when she has loads on herself, and she gets it all ’cause she’s a girl! What was I thinking!

Anyway, homage to said mate over for now I thought I’d offer you top tip no 2 from her own brand of experience.

Tip 2

Baby Boots That Stay On

My lovely friend appeared with a lovely pair of leather booties on her little girl one day back in the summer. Whilst I admired them I knew that they would have been expensive and probably unnecessary. Well they aren’t cheap but they have been well worn. They are a range of soft sole shoes for pram and early crawling/walking use with an elasticated waist for ease of on and off. This is brilliant as they can’t pull them off!

After enduring a couple of weeks of admiration I finally purchased a pair. (£28. Not cheap no but she’s worn they most days for 6+ months). They seem to go with everything and make all her lush little outfits look a bit more put together. I know my child isn’t a barbie doll but the old me does creep through in her little outfits! My babe also has small narrow feet and I was able to get a size to fit her no bother.

The site is You can get all the history and health facts there as well as buy online. There is also a market for them on eBay if you know what size and style you want and agree reluctant to pay the £30 price tag. I’ve added a picture of them being worn to give you an idea!

Two days if work now so our musical babies class is first port of call in the morning. The babe has a hacking cough though so may be a long night …..



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