Innuendo & Eyelashes

9 Mar

Here we go, my first proper blog post

I’ve wanted to write (in some format) for about ten years and after a few stalled 1st novel chapters and now seven baby/childrens books which may only appeal to the sleep deprived i’ve elected to go for a blog. In my A-level English paper I wrote my creative writing piece in diary format and it got me an A so maybe this was the best way to go all along. It is however hard to establish what is interesting to all and what is just whittering so I hope you’ll keep me right.

Today marks the end of my third day back at work post maternity leave. Whilst the sensible, rational me knows that my daughter will survive with the carefully selected and lovely childminder she is now with 3 days per week, the other bit of me hates leaving her upset, questions how well she’s coping, has a cry on route to work and really misses her babe.

Having only recently learned to crawl (at 11+ months I was really willing her on) she has now discovered that she can just make a bolt for the door is she doesn’t like it! That was followed by cries of “Mama Mama” whilst I ran for the door. It really doesn’t make you feel like a good person but I am assured that they are crocodile tears and she is happily chewing a poor playmobil man by the time i’ve reached the end of the drive.

I didn’t expect to feel conflicted. I love(d) my job and thought i’d be keen to return asap following childbirth and take the world on again. Not so. I changed my six month maternity leave to twelve within three days of giving birth and managed to get full time to a three day week. A suprise to my colleagues and to me to but i’ve never been surer of anything in my life.

Having said that, you do get to a stage of your life as a mother, or certainly many do, where you crave intelligent adult conversation rather than indepth analysis of poo with other mothers. I am lucky to have a brilliant buddy who I met via NCT who has been my left arm for the last twelve months and who I feel bereft if I don’t see on a daily basis! (And I didn’t really do girlfirends before!). However, one of the few things I looked forward to on return to work was the blokey banter and chat that accompanies life in a busy sales office. Sexual innuendo and all.

However, in the same way that I have been known to romanticise previous relationships when irriated with my hubby, distance had indeed made my foolish heart grow fonder. The job remains the same, my capability to do it has not dissipated but my desire to be one of the boys is wavering. I have already turned down a night on the drink for a quick dash back home to see the babe before bed. How things change..

I did suggest in my About page that I would be offering some sort of top tip for pregnancy or motherhood with every blog. I would like to be clear that I don’t call myself an expert I just wish that someone had told me these things! Many will be inane but hopefully some will help. So….

Tip 1

Eyelash Extensions

Whilst this post almost certainly falls into the inane category I think its highly relevant and helped me keep my old self whilst in the throws of late pregnancy and early motherhood. About 2 weeks before I gave birth I had individual eyelash extensions applied. A bit like nail extensions each lash is individually applied to your own lashes and falls out as your own lashes grow. You need to have them infilled every few weeks. They are relatively costly, (depending where you go around £80), but look very authentic and last for ages.

The extensions meant that even without any make up I felt a bit put together and even when at my most knackered looked a litle more wide eyed. I have taken a straw pole of my mates and the general feeling is that they should be compulsory in pregnancy and early motherhood! Despite my reluctance I am posting a picture of me in the labour ward after 13 hours of labour, 2 and a half hours of pushing and a ventouse delivery this is 10 mins later….

If you think I look totally rough then perhaps you won’t spend the cash but I felt better!!

Tomorrow the hubby is making his famous beef wellington for previously mentioned fab mate plus her hubby and child so looking forward to a lush day with all my fave people. Will check in again over the weekend.

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