Home Alone

12 Mar

It’s Monday night and that would usually mean a night with the hubby before he disappears off to London for a couple of days but tonight he is busy corporate entertaining so I’m home alone.

Had a lovely day with the babe.  A couple of baby classes really allowed her to show off her new crawl and cruise moves.  So cute and feels like real independence from me! Bless her. Aside from that we have been very low on naps due to this pesky cough she has but she’s settled to sleep tonight ok after her best attempts to climb out of the bath failed spectacularly…..

The lack of daytime sleeping did alert me to the fact that answering my work blackberry during the day on my days off is going to be a nightmare. Trying to second guess when she will be asleep and catching the relevant client at the right time will surely rarely sync..

Anyway… A night without the hubby usually involves washing, ironing and fake tanning. (He hates the stuff and who can blame him but at least he doesn’t have to wash the sheets). However, I have just this afternoon discovered that I can rent films on my iPad so am going to watch We Need To Talk About Kevin. Love the book so am scared of ruining it but too tempted to give it a miss, will report back later in the week.


Top Tip 3


My hubby’s only disappointment on the arrival of our little girl was the lack of Lego likely to be in his future. He loves the stuff and has even made me go to the New York store to have a look (twice).

Whilst I haven’t given up on the babe mastering Lego later in her childhood i think 11months is a bit young, it would just end up up her nose so have opted for Megabloks. Genius!


I ordered the 24 piece fairy tale castle from Amazon. It comes in a plastic box with a lid, is pretty and pink and has so far provided my child with an excellent opportunity to sort, her current favourite activity. When daddy returns from the big smoke I’m sure the castle will be up in no time. An excellent father daughter activity if ever I saw one …. Will post a photo of the completed castle next week.


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