Another blog….?

14 Mar

Back at the office after what my colleagues would term a four day weekend…Not a four day weekend however but four days with the babe. I can see how this split week will become normality but at the minute I feel like I have a split personality. When back at the office I am fully back into executive mode, (to the extent that I actually booked a meeting into the diary for my daughter’s 1st birthday – error), but quickly slip back into my now more comfortable role of Mum at home.

I did say I would report back on We Need To Talk About Kevin after the Monday night viewing. After being interruped by a call from my Mum ten minutes in and coughing fits from the babe I would accept that it didn’t get my full attention but I just didn’t get it. I have read the book about seventeen times and even have the audiobook for use over endless trips back and forward to the Midlands with work but I struggled to follow the film. It was arty to the point of silly and the use of flashbacks and virtually no dialogue left me struggling to follow a story I know well. My Mum suggested that motherhood and the use of film flashbacks are completely incompatable and she has never managed to understand them since the year I was born. She may be right. I do struggle to finish a sentence these days….

I had a genuis idea for another blog whilst internet shopping for the babe yesterday. Having a little girl has allowed me to indulge my love of fashion on a new level. I no longer enter H&M with the aim of finding a lunchtime treat for myself but go straight to kiddies for some new funky item for my little girl. I buy too much stuff. I accept this but also know that I am by no means unique and the mothers of little girls imparticular can get a kick out of putting little outfits together. Its all a little bit Barbie (and maybe Ken too). So, I thought I would Barbie My Babe via blog. The idea would be to publish a daily picture of the babe in her outfit of the day and in the process point out some lovely items I have discovered and others might like. I am a big fan of the StyleGuile blog which does something similar for the Yummy Mummy so i’ll give it a go.

On this basis I haven’t left a top tip today but am including a pic of gorgeous boots I just bought the babe. I bought these from an eBay store brand new in box for a fraction of their original price. I just put her shoe size into the search box and see what appears. The seller was a lady doing a stock clearance after she closed her shop so I got these beauties for a steal!




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