Mum & baby neons

16 Mar

Well thank god it’s Friday. The week has ended on a bit of a high despite a poorly baby. The childminder called at 4pm to say the babe had a high temperature and could she give her calpol. Poor thing, I hate not being with her when she’s ill (and pretty much the rest of the time too..).

Why a high? Well, I had some business success with an account that I’ve been working on for ages, (will remain nameless but in luxury fashion!!!!), and the babe fell asleep on my chest for a good 40mins when I got her home. Not everyone’s idea of a good Friday night perhaps but my little girl became far too independent to sleep on mummy months ago and it’s lovely to remember the hours I used to spend with her.

I’ve just read that last paragraph back and it really epitomises who I am now. A bit of my old self and a lot of the new!

In other news I also received a Zara delivery. When people ask me which high street shop I would choose if I could only shop in one forever…I don’t even need to think, Zara every time. And when I discovered they did baby clothes there was high excitement. The hubby lets me splurge on a selection of stuff for the babe at the start of every sale and I slot in other items purchased online every couple of months.

I was personally a bit scared of the whole neon trend last year. It all felt a bit eighties and too in your face for me. However, teamed with neutrals in this seasons guise I am sold. And Zara do neons for mini me too. I know I go on about baby shoes but check these out….lush.



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