Flowers & photo shoots

18 Mar

Well I write this whilst drinking wine and tucking into a massive box of Hotel Chocolat Serious Dark Fix. Although the day did turn into a bit of a tour of the countryside seeing mother, mother in law and godmother I was broadly very well looked after by the hubby.

He’s very good on gifts for major birthdays and Christmas but he’s never really gone in for valentine’s etc so I only really expected a card. Instead i got a huge bunch of roses delivered yesterday just as I was about to burst into tears from sheer knackeredness, then today the chocolates and a lovely card that he’d had the babe hand print. Bless.

I am deep in the comfort zone of my second of four days off work and the babe has just about realised that I won’t be leaving her for a while. Saturday was spent with her almost entirely on my hip as she began shrieking as soon as I so much went to the loo….not good.

Daddy was at the football tonight so we had a nice tea and bath and a little photoshoot for a giggle. I have recently redecorated the kitchen and wanted a big canvas of the babe for the wall. We were given a little cooks outfit when she was born so I dressed her up and got shooting! The result was a lovely shot of her in nothing but her nappy, apron and chef’s hat brandishing a spatula – perfect for the kitchen wall!

No top tip today but a bit of a lust item for the little ones. My best mate’s little girl was sporting her new Barbour gilet when I saw them yesterday. Not cheap but very cute and I’m assured will last for at least a year….. They are £40 I believe if that’s your thing.

I am also sharing a pic of the gorgeous mirror I just purchased for the babe’s room. My blog is not really about interiors but this is so gorgeous it’s worth a shot. The butterflies are magnetic which is lovely for the babe and the cage style bars open and close. I buy lots of baby stuff from this site. It’s lovely for clothes and nursery stuff and you never see other kids in it. Always a bonus.



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