Domestic bliss?

19 Mar


Grrrr. I write this in a slightly different frame of mind to yesterday. I fear I may end up ranting but sometimes you just have those days. Just moments after mother’s day ended I seem to have been launched back into the role of “domestic higher authority”. This is my hubby’s phrase and sounds appealing but in fact just means that everything surrounding the babe and the house falls to me.

As with all these things it’s the little things that really irritate. As I have no doubt mentioned before the babe is very clingy at the moment thanks to her recent introduction to child care and so doesn’t leave my sight. Whilst its lovely to have a cuddle I have found it emotionally draining as I find it so hard to leave her anyway. By the time the evening comes round I am physically knackered, yes but also just completely brain dead. Take today. Lovely baby classes alongside a visit from dyno-rod, a trip to the dentist (mum & babe), three massive piles of ironing, three new loads of washing and the prep of an industrial sized bolognaise. When I came down from settling the babe to sleep, which is still tricky due to her horrid cough, I found the living room still covered in her toys and the kitchen still full of dinner dishes. In amongst this scene was the hubby, reading the last of the Sunday Times and watching Countryfile. Again, grrrrrr.

So in protest I have completed my domestic tasks and retreated to bed where I am the least likely to start an unnecessary world war three ……

Barbie my baby (and something for Ken too)

A range that I have recently discovered and surprised myself with is the Mamas & Papas Limited Edition Collection. Their stuff isn’t usually my bag as its a bit too fussy but I have picked up a couple of pieces and think they are just lovely. There is also a bit of a sale on at the mo so very expensive things become a bit more sensible. For reference I find the clothes come fairly true to size and wash v well.



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