I gave my love a cherry…

20 Mar


The blog title may appear a bit cryptic today but its actually a song title. Also known as The Riddle Song it’s an old folk tune turned lullaby that the teacher at my musical babies class sang today and made me cry a wee bit. Check it out on iTunes. There are loads of different versions including one from Carlie Simon… I’m not saying that I’ve never been a crier but motherhood does take it to a new dimension me thinks. P&G adverts now have the power to make me sniff and not even when it’s that time of the month.

My Tuesday night blogs may end up being a bit sentimental as I’m always preparing to leave the babe and go into work on the Weds after my four days off. I am sure that it will get easier with time but I do wish it could be different. The babe is one on Thursday so I have the day off anyway so really I should stop complaining.

I’m sure I will have more to say on her birthday later in the week but for now all I can say is what many have said before me:- where has the time gone. It’s funny to remember the state of mind I was in this time last year. Fussing with my hospital bag and putting finishing touches to the nursery. How different it must be for the second time Mum. As one woman I know who’s six months pregnant with a one year old commented to me the other day, “you forget you’re pregnant most of the time”. So with just the one babe for now I can look back and ponder safe in the knowledge that as yet there is only one chance of an unbroken nights sleep. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Top Tip

Hush Harem Trousers

These trousers saw me through pregnancy, post baby mummy tummy and are still worn every week now. They are universally flattering, very comfy and look a lot more put together than joggers. I wear them with a double layered racer vest in the summer or a knitted slimline jumper in the winter and never fail to get compliments. They wash well, are in lovely heavyweight jersey and are well priced at £45.

I know a lot of people think harems aren’t for them. I get that but please try these and then decide.



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