Baby summer shoe mine field

28 Mar


As anyone who has read my blog at all may he be aware I am quite into my shoes. This obsession seems to have transferred perfectly to baby shoes for the babe and this post is dedicated to my frustrations. I understand that I am fussy, wanting perfect fit and nice looking shoes all at once but I cannot believe that this isn’t possible even for the smallest of feet.

I have had the winter wear sussed. Little boots of all varieties are available to the babe to suit her every whim but when it comes to the summer shoes (an issue suddenly made greater by it being 22 degrees in March) I am stumped.

I’m an ideal world I would like a sandal that didn’t require her to wear socks. I want as much support as possible like you’d get in a start-rite shoe for example but without any added silver flowers or bunnies on it.

In the quest to find something lighter, but also user friendly I have two options now. Clarks Doodles seem to be quite popular and are almost like a plimsole. Not too offensive and not too expensive. The only colour they are doing them in at the moment for girls is purple polka dot. Cute but not user friendly. The other option I am considering is baby converse baseball boots. Much lighter than her winter boots they would be a good alternative to a trainer and I could get them in white so they go with everthing.

If anyone has any insights as to where I can get more choice please let me know, I am really struggling!! I’d also be keen to hear from mum’s in the know as to whether either of my chosen options re worthwhile…..



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