Meal planning for Mama

1 Apr


Well it’s been a long old week. Unusually for me I haven’t blogged for a couple of days. I have had a horrendous temperature and fluey symptoms so just about been able to manage work and child care and very little else. The lovely hubby sent me to bed at 7.30pm last night just after we’d put the babe down so I now feel a lot more human after a good nights kip. It sounds a bit pathetic but I think I was just exhausted. Being back at work has finally caught up with me and I need to make sure I’m eating and sleeping properly or I’m just going to keep getting ill.

With the above in mind I have reinstated my pre baby meal planners which were originally around to make sure the hubby looked after himself. Ironic that it’s now me reaching for the Chinese menu twice a week….. I am actually getting skinnier despite takeaway abuse but this is only really because I hardly eat anything else, not clever. So, I’m back to my Cheerios and fresh fruit at brekkie and whilst lunch remains something of an unplanned feast the meal planner ensures I eat ( and therefore shop) well in the evening. Last night was chicken stuffed with mozzarella and tomato, roasted peppers and new potatoes. Tonight is beef casserole and veg. I’m getting there…

The hubby did alert me to the fact that out of everyone in our household the babe eats the best. I have to say you do seem to put a lot of effort into making sure they get a balanced diet whilst mum becomes a bit secondary. It’s the way of the world I’m sure.

Whilst I have been feeling rubbish the babe, as ever, always finds a way to make me laugh. On Fri night this was the case at 12.30am. No laughing matter I hear you say but…. I was woken by a few cheerful sounding chunters coming through the monitor. Nothing that would cause concern, she normally just settles herself back down. 5 mins later however, there was a very audible “Mama, Mama” so thought I better check what was happening. Having recently found her walking feet she had evidently pulled herself up to standing on the side of her cot only to discover it was a long way back down and she was therefore stuck. Ha ha, bless her. I picked her up, she stuck her thumb in and we were all back asleep by 12.45am. Good girl.

I did mention last week that I was seeking new work clothes and I managed a quick half hour in H&M one lunchtime which yielded a mink and white polka dot shirt. The picture is of the same shirt in black and white but isn’t nearly so nice. I’ll try add a picture of mine later in the week. If the weather is warm enough I have a lovely pale pink pencil skirt (pastel trend) and nude shoes and belt that would make a lovely summer work ensemble with just a little nod to our friends at Mad Men. Work this week has really made me wonder how I can manage full time work on part time hours but that’s another blog! Maybe tomorrow….



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