Her Own Place at the Table

26 Apr


I wanted to start this week by telling everyone how great my high chair is! It isn’t actually a high chair it’s one of those table seat’s that attaches to any table and its just fab. Not only does it mean that the babe eats at the table like the rest of us but it means that when we have guests we can just move the seat to the big table in the dining room and she can lord it their too! Genius! I have seen them poorly reviewed before but I really think its great for eating as a family. It’s also a great alternative to a Bumbo or the suchlike if you are busy in the kitchen and you need somewhere to put a pre-walker. Before she was so active the babe regularly waved at me from her exalted position at the table whilst I made the dinner! Bless. I’ve linked mine here for anyone interested. It’s made by Chicco, comes in under £30 and in a variety of styles and colours.

Chicco Table Seat

The reason I was reminded of the baby seats greatness this weekend was because we had friends to stay. Having these particular friends to stay is always lush. They are old friends but they don’t live nearby so we treasure our weekends and holidays together. However, they have three boys. A nine year old and seven year old identical twins. We are really close to the boys as we’ve always been around in their lives but they are a full on combination of busyness! When they left late last night I had to give the toilets an extra clean to remove the huge amounts of wee that had hit the floor, back of the loo and the loo brush holder to name a few! One of the benefits of girls perhaps.

It’s unfortunate that their is such a big age gap between the boys and the babe but they don’t seem to mind. One of the twins is a real softie with her and now that she’s mobile they all just find her fascinating. After a ropey start, (where all three boys and their parents pitched up in her box room size nursery before 8am in the morning), she let her guard down and I was able to take a back seat whilst they all played together. Another good reason for another baby maybe. Lovely to watch her grow in confidence anyway. The hubby is now concerned that one of the twins could be a potential suitor in a few years time as the age gap is only as big as he and I. Bit of time before I need worry I reckon!



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