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Conspicuous by my absence

20 Jun


I have just logged into my blog account and realised that I haven’t written anything useful for three weeks! Woeful behaviour. I read another mummy blog the other day where a similar absence was put down to being “a bit sad”. Whilst this certainly rang a bell with me I have in reality been mostly very busy and away from the office where I often write these posts whilst pretending to work.

Over the last three weeks I have been:-

Camping with the babe and hubby in the rainy lakes,

Spending three lush days with my best bud and her babe doing child centric activities,

Looking for a new house,

Forgetting that I have to work for a living and,

Seriously thinking about babe no 2.

When I say camping I really mean glamping (if any form of holiday with a young child can be considered glamorous). We went to the Lake District in a camping pod provided by the National Trust. Whilst it rained it was very relaxing to be away from all things electronic and its only after the event that I realise just how much iPad and iPhone distract from the business of being a family.

The babe delighted in having both mother and father’s undivided attention and made the hubby’s year with her wide eyed smiles as he pitched his tent in the rain. I should note that the hubby has military roots and made a living out of adventurous training in his younger days. He has spent much of our courtship and marriage trying to get me into walking boots and gortex, largely unsuccessfully. He must have been overjoyed that lack of cash and reluctance to fly with the babe got me as close to nature as he could hope for. My new walking boots are fashionably purple but still fundamentally ugly.

The camping pod was really just a glorified shed. It had no light or power but the solid floor meant that the babe could have her full size travel cot and mum a camp cot on the floor. I can’t say daddy was disappointed to be squeezed out into his tent. Whether or not a two man North Face expedition tent intended by the manufacturer as suitable for making Everest base camp was needed is however debatable….

Like all good Mummy shoppers I did take the opportunity to find the babe wet weather kit so that she could get stuck in despite the weather. She is an infant size 3 so finding wellies was a nightmare! So much of a nightmare that I thought it only fair to share what I found. The shop is on my local high street but stock is all available online. Jump Shoes

The waterproof jacket and trousers were procured from JoJo Maman Bebe and are pac a mac style so they take up little to no room in a bag. They also come in a variety of girl and boy friendly colours and are available mail order. Pink and purple Polka Dots are all a girl needs to look stylish in the rain. That and purple walking boots…. Jojo Wet Weather Gear

NB. For the next few weeks I have made a commitment to myself to post something every day. A couple of days a week it will be extensive but mostly it will be a pic of something I am lusting after for myself or the babe (under the Barbie My Baby tagline) or an observation on something that has touched me during that day. Fingers crossed it’ll be entertaining.


Sleep Is For the Weak

2 May

Well it finally happened – the babe didn’t cry when I dropped her at the childminder! Its only been 8 long weeks in the making but it’s happened eventually.

To say that my child has an expressive face is putting it kindly. She has a scowl like nobody else I know and she doesn’t need to be able to talk yet as her eyes tell it all. When I left her this morning she sat quickly down on the floor with her little mates, looked back at me, scowled, turned back and carried on playing. Well its better than the screamy ab dabs I suppose. Bless her, i’m so glad she’s adjusting but I guess its all part of her ongoing independence.

The main focus of this week has actually been more to do with sleep than play. The more mobile the babe has got, the more reluctant she is to lie down in her cot. The sleep bag does not stop her from doing laps and trying to grab things that are in striking distance through the bars. (Last week she had managed to reach:- her toothbrush, a snotty muslin, an additional blanket and a mole cuddly toy…). All this has meant that she is taking a lot longer to settle herself and she is occasionally waking early to start her laps again. This has coincided with my concern that her sleep bag is getting a bit on the small side. Its officially up to 18months but at 13 she is filling it up. I personally hate sleeping in a sleeping bag as I am a self confessed wriggler and get all tangled up. As the babe has wriggled since the womb I thought the same might apply to her and made the switch to a baby duvet.

I anticipated trouble but after a night of kicking the duvet off and me getting up every half an hour to make sure her covers were on, she has decided she likes it. When I went through this morning I was greeted by a very cheeky baby grin from under one corner of a big white duvet. Very cute. I also figure that when she does move to a bed I may have a little bit less of a transition to cope with. One can but hope.

I also wanted to post some baby fashion ideas today as there has been a significant drop in purchases since the middle of April. This is partly due to a lack of available cash and part due to being caught up in trying to buy a new house. (For those who follow my blog, I have today been informed that the vendor has accepted another offer on my dream home as she can’t be bothered to do any more negotiating! Gutted).

One of my favourite online retailers La Redoute are in sale and I managed to pick up a few things for the babe. A lot of this stuff comes in baby and girls sizes so worth a look if you have an under 13.

First a gorgeous jumper. I’ve bought a few for her over the winter and they are lovely quality and wash well.

Girls Pink Jumper

Next a gorgeous little leggings and jersey dress set which will be an ideal transition from spring to summer. Plus I am a big fan of love hearts!

Love Heart Jersey Set

Finally I have added, perhaps predictably, some little summer pumps down to £7 in the sale. They come in loads of different colour ways and sizes and might be nice in the summer with shorts and socks.

Canvas Pumps with Bow

Barbie my baby for Easter

7 Apr

A true Barbie my baby post today based on a little bit of Easter shopping. The trip started out of a need to get the babe’s feet measured. We have been through this experience once before and it was lovely but for some reason today she was not happy. A child of mine not enjoying shoe shopping, very worrying! They had barely started measuring before the wailing began and not a tantrum, proper crying. I am told this may have been because she had her MMR this week and it’s made her a bit nervous of strangers… Let’s hope that all it was.

Anyway the shopping results are below. Most importantly properly fitted but also patent for easy cleaning and white to go with everything for the summer.


The babe is at a bit of a tricky age clothing wise. At just one she is growing out of a lot of her 9-12 month clothes but is too small for 12-18 months. Trousers are the main problem. I find H&M sizing quite small so managed to find her jegging type skinny jeans that came in pastels as well as regular denim. £5.99 bargain!


H&M also came through on this very cute Beatrix Potter tee which solves a mid seasonal problem. Long sleeved tees are hard to get a hold of for the summer season so very useful at £2.99.


I have posted earlier in the week that I thought I had solved the babe summer footwear dilemma with some very lush baby Converse. They were very lush but they were too small and not very supportive hence the trip to Clarks. I did have a hankering for baseball boots though so I couldn’t resist these little beauties.


I have just looked at the preview of the post and realised that I am somewhat pink heavy! Oh well, she is a little girl and at least everything goes together! I have checked the H&M website and all this is available there. The baby shoes are on the Clarks website too although they do recommend fitting in store. (The babe had to try three pairs to get a good fit so worth it I think!).

Baby summer shoe mine field

28 Mar


As anyone who has read my blog at all may he be aware I am quite into my shoes. This obsession seems to have transferred perfectly to baby shoes for the babe and this post is dedicated to my frustrations. I understand that I am fussy, wanting perfect fit and nice looking shoes all at once but I cannot believe that this isn’t possible even for the smallest of feet.

I have had the winter wear sussed. Little boots of all varieties are available to the babe to suit her every whim but when it comes to the summer shoes (an issue suddenly made greater by it being 22 degrees in March) I am stumped.

I’m an ideal world I would like a sandal that didn’t require her to wear socks. I want as much support as possible like you’d get in a start-rite shoe for example but without any added silver flowers or bunnies on it.

In the quest to find something lighter, but also user friendly I have two options now. Clarks Doodles seem to be quite popular and are almost like a plimsole. Not too offensive and not too expensive. The only colour they are doing them in at the moment for girls is purple polka dot. Cute but not user friendly. The other option I am considering is baby converse baseball boots. Much lighter than her winter boots they would be a good alternative to a trainer and I could get them in white so they go with everthing.

If anyone has any insights as to where I can get more choice please let me know, I am really struggling!! I’d also be keen to hear from mum’s in the know as to whether either of my chosen options re worthwhile…..