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Barbie my baby for Easter

7 Apr

A true Barbie my baby post today based on a little bit of Easter shopping. The trip started out of a need to get the babe’s feet measured. We have been through this experience once before and it was lovely but for some reason today she was not happy. A child of mine not enjoying shoe shopping, very worrying! They had barely started measuring before the wailing began and not a tantrum, proper crying. I am told this may have been because she had her MMR this week and it’s made her a bit nervous of strangers… Let’s hope that all it was.

Anyway the shopping results are below. Most importantly properly fitted but also patent for easy cleaning and white to go with everything for the summer.


The babe is at a bit of a tricky age clothing wise. At just one she is growing out of a lot of her 9-12 month clothes but is too small for 12-18 months. Trousers are the main problem. I find H&M sizing quite small so managed to find her jegging type skinny jeans that came in pastels as well as regular denim. £5.99 bargain!


H&M also came through on this very cute Beatrix Potter tee which solves a mid seasonal problem. Long sleeved tees are hard to get a hold of for the summer season so very useful at £2.99.


I have posted earlier in the week that I thought I had solved the babe summer footwear dilemma with some very lush baby Converse. They were very lush but they were too small and not very supportive hence the trip to Clarks. I did have a hankering for baseball boots though so I couldn’t resist these little beauties.


I have just looked at the preview of the post and realised that I am somewhat pink heavy! Oh well, she is a little girl and at least everything goes together! I have checked the H&M website and all this is available there. The baby shoes are on the Clarks website too although they do recommend fitting in store. (The babe had to try three pairs to get a good fit so worth it I think!).


Becoming a mum gave me something to say…

4 Apr


My blog title today is based on a Mumsnet bloggers question that I answered on twitter without even thinking about it. The questions was, “What made you start blogging?”. I’m not trying to make myself sound rubbish before I had the babe I think I just mean that being a mum has given me confidence to push into areas of my capability I always wanted to explore. Being a mum is a role that I feel fits me. Maybe writing does too. Anyway, good question Mumsnet! Very thought provoking.

I think my blog has taken a more serious turn this week. Less fun and fashion and more personal diary. I was thinking today how much impact my state of mind has on the babe. If I’m stressed she’s much harder to manage so me looking after myself becomes so important for everyone. Need to get my head around managing working and family life and then I think things will settle down again. I do feel Iike I just have to get on with it for a while longer before I can make an informed decision on what to do next. I have a tendency to make decisions quickly, (it’s part of why I’m good at my job), but in my personal life I do try and remember to take a step back to make sure I’m doing the right thing. Easier said than done…

To make sure I keep that barbie element to my blog I’ve done what I’d promised to do a lot more and included a picture of the babe in one of her little outfits. The dungaree dress has a double layer skirt and is from baby Benetton. White leggings are a bargainous £3 from Next and the tee is a lovely pink and white stripe that came in a three pack last summer that bought in bigger sizes because I loved it so much! The bandana is infact a big from the brilliant funky giraffe. Check it their website for ally well priced bandana bibs and very quick postage.funky giraffe


My next blog is going to focus on sizing. Just like me the babe seems to be a different size in all the different stores and for a mate’s baby, getting a waistband that doesn’t stop the breathing is the issue!

New lust items

21 Mar


No proper blog tonight as I’ve been on a business trip half way down the country for most of the day and have spent the early morning and evening wrapping pressies and making fairy cakes for the babes 1st birthday tomorrow.

I’ll be back with meaning tomorrow but in the mean time have a look at one of the babe’s pressies that I thought might appeal http://www.kiddicare.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10001&catalogId=10751&langId=-1&productId=133369&source=froogle&cm_mmc=Froogle-_-Shopping%20Sites-_-CPC-_-Froogle and a new lust item for your Barbie baby.. http://www.laredoute.co.uk/baby-girl-s-dual-fabric-dress-with-peter-pan-collar.htm?ProductId=324273485&t=6


Domestic bliss?

19 Mar


Grrrr. I write this in a slightly different frame of mind to yesterday. I fear I may end up ranting but sometimes you just have those days. Just moments after mother’s day ended I seem to have been launched back into the role of “domestic higher authority”. This is my hubby’s phrase and sounds appealing but in fact just means that everything surrounding the babe and the house falls to me.

As with all these things it’s the little things that really irritate. As I have no doubt mentioned before the babe is very clingy at the moment thanks to her recent introduction to child care and so doesn’t leave my sight. Whilst its lovely to have a cuddle I have found it emotionally draining as I find it so hard to leave her anyway. By the time the evening comes round I am physically knackered, yes but also just completely brain dead. Take today. Lovely baby classes alongside a visit from dyno-rod, a trip to the dentist (mum & babe), three massive piles of ironing, three new loads of washing and the prep of an industrial sized bolognaise. When I came down from settling the babe to sleep, which is still tricky due to her horrid cough, I found the living room still covered in her toys and the kitchen still full of dinner dishes. In amongst this scene was the hubby, reading the last of the Sunday Times and watching Countryfile. Again, grrrrrr.

So in protest I have completed my domestic tasks and retreated to bed where I am the least likely to start an unnecessary world war three ……

Barbie my baby (and something for Ken too)

A range that I have recently discovered and surprised myself with is the Mamas & Papas Limited Edition Collection. http://www.mamasandpapas.com/cat/limited-edition-baby-clothes/. Their stuff isn’t usually my bag as its a bit too fussy but I have picked up a couple of pieces and think they are just lovely. There is also a bit of a sale on at the mo so very expensive things become a bit more sensible. For reference I find the clothes come fairly true to size and wash v well.