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That’s just rubbish

5 Jul

I have decided to ignore the undeniably crazy weather happening around me and write about something else today. I have a mate who is in the process of electing not to have another baby because of the strain on her family finances. Whilst I have the utmost respect for her choice and can’t help wishing everyone thought about the practicalities that come with parenthood, it makes me sad.

She so wants to have another baby.


Sippy Cup to Beaker?

22 Jun


Alongside my ongoing concern that the babe should be using cutlery, I am now thinking that I should be thinking of moving her onto an open cup. She discarded her bottle at 12 months and has happily used a hard spout sippy cup for all her drinks ever since. She is however taking more or more interest in drinking from my cup or mug and I have always been led by her so ….

Amusingly, her attempts to drink from mummy’s cup are, whilst successful, more like lapping than drinking. In the manner of a small dog!

The Doidy Cup may just make all this easier and is recommended by all the Amazon Mum’s out there. I’ll give it a go and report back.

I am however aware that the babe will reach these milestones in her own time, whether or not I stress about it. Motherhood – easier said than done.

Sleep Is For the Weak

2 May

Well it finally happened – the babe didn’t cry when I dropped her at the childminder! Its only been 8 long weeks in the making but it’s happened eventually.

To say that my child has an expressive face is putting it kindly. She has a scowl like nobody else I know and she doesn’t need to be able to talk yet as her eyes tell it all. When I left her this morning she sat quickly down on the floor with her little mates, looked back at me, scowled, turned back and carried on playing. Well its better than the screamy ab dabs I suppose. Bless her, i’m so glad she’s adjusting but I guess its all part of her ongoing independence.

The main focus of this week has actually been more to do with sleep than play. The more mobile the babe has got, the more reluctant she is to lie down in her cot. The sleep bag does not stop her from doing laps and trying to grab things that are in striking distance through the bars. (Last week she had managed to reach:- her toothbrush, a snotty muslin, an additional blanket and a mole cuddly toy…). All this has meant that she is taking a lot longer to settle herself and she is occasionally waking early to start her laps again. This has coincided with my concern that her sleep bag is getting a bit on the small side. Its officially up to 18months but at 13 she is filling it up. I personally hate sleeping in a sleeping bag as I am a self confessed wriggler and get all tangled up. As the babe has wriggled since the womb I thought the same might apply to her and made the switch to a baby duvet.

I anticipated trouble but after a night of kicking the duvet off and me getting up every half an hour to make sure her covers were on, she has decided she likes it. When I went through this morning I was greeted by a very cheeky baby grin from under one corner of a big white duvet. Very cute. I also figure that when she does move to a bed I may have a little bit less of a transition to cope with. One can but hope.

I also wanted to post some baby fashion ideas today as there has been a significant drop in purchases since the middle of April. This is partly due to a lack of available cash and part due to being caught up in trying to buy a new house. (For those who follow my blog, I have today been informed that the vendor has accepted another offer on my dream home as she can’t be bothered to do any more negotiating! Gutted).

One of my favourite online retailers La Redoute are in sale and I managed to pick up a few things for the babe. A lot of this stuff comes in baby and girls sizes so worth a look if you have an under 13.

First a gorgeous jumper. I’ve bought a few for her over the winter and they are lovely quality and wash well.

Girls Pink Jumper

Next a gorgeous little leggings and jersey dress set which will be an ideal transition from spring to summer. Plus I am a big fan of love hearts!

Love Heart Jersey Set

Finally I have added, perhaps predictably, some little summer pumps down to £7 in the sale. They come in loads of different colour ways and sizes and might be nice in the summer with shorts and socks.

Canvas Pumps with Bow

Domestic bliss?

19 Mar


Grrrr. I write this in a slightly different frame of mind to yesterday. I fear I may end up ranting but sometimes you just have those days. Just moments after mother’s day ended I seem to have been launched back into the role of “domestic higher authority”. This is my hubby’s phrase and sounds appealing but in fact just means that everything surrounding the babe and the house falls to me.

As with all these things it’s the little things that really irritate. As I have no doubt mentioned before the babe is very clingy at the moment thanks to her recent introduction to child care and so doesn’t leave my sight. Whilst its lovely to have a cuddle I have found it emotionally draining as I find it so hard to leave her anyway. By the time the evening comes round I am physically knackered, yes but also just completely brain dead. Take today. Lovely baby classes alongside a visit from dyno-rod, a trip to the dentist (mum & babe), three massive piles of ironing, three new loads of washing and the prep of an industrial sized bolognaise. When I came down from settling the babe to sleep, which is still tricky due to her horrid cough, I found the living room still covered in her toys and the kitchen still full of dinner dishes. In amongst this scene was the hubby, reading the last of the Sunday Times and watching Countryfile. Again, grrrrrr.

So in protest I have completed my domestic tasks and retreated to bed where I am the least likely to start an unnecessary world war three ……

Barbie my baby (and something for Ken too)

A range that I have recently discovered and surprised myself with is the Mamas & Papas Limited Edition Collection. http://www.mamasandpapas.com/cat/limited-edition-baby-clothes/. Their stuff isn’t usually my bag as its a bit too fussy but I have picked up a couple of pieces and think they are just lovely. There is also a bit of a sale on at the mo so very expensive things become a bit more sensible. For reference I find the clothes come fairly true to size and wash v well.