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Facebook for Mummies

2 Jul

Since my 2nd babe was born it seems the world on online motherhood has exploded. I frequently find myself intentionally leaving my phone in another part of my house to prevent me from phone checking inplace of playing with my kids.  Whilst the groups I subscribe to have often offered me reassurance for childhood medical complaints (newborn rash or suspected ear infections), I have started to feel that these cyber groups often bring conflict where there wasn’t any in the first place.

If I accept that if I post a picture of my child’s rash I will get a nurse, a mother who recently had a child with a similar problem, and at least 6 people telling me to call 111 incase its meningitis, then its worth posting. But am I really seeking the advice of a medical professional that doesn’t exist in this context instead of going with my instinct; Its probably nothing but if it persists I’ll take her to the docs.

Motherhood can be an isolating experience and it seems comforting to reach out to a group of people who you perceive as having the same experience as you. But perhaps that’s the problem. Just because you have the common tag of mother, doesn’t mean a lot. You are approaching a cross section of the general population who all have different backgrounds, experiences and views to you and expecting them to agree with you.  

Comforting or just plain confusing?

To the mother struggling with an abusive partner, the mum who’s lack of sex drive is getting her down and the woman who doesn’t feel emotionally attached to her children – please remember that just because somebody responds to your post doesn’t make them right.


Something to say but how to say it?

27 Feb

Well, I’ve been away a while – but I’m back. (I’m sure you’re all thrilled…).

Randomly the reason I have been out of the loop for the best part of 7 months is due to my inability to construct a paragraph that told anyone interested I was expecting baby no 2. I’m not a fan of broadcasting your scan pictures on facebook and the suchlike. It seems like a very personal thing and something the whole world doesn’t necessarily need or want to hear about. So not only telling facebook friends, (who at least have the benefit of knowing my actual identity), but also readers of my blog, just didn’t sit right.

After several attempts at what could have been termed an “announcement” on the blog, I gave up. I have quite a few excuses that don’t involve pregnancy too. My hubby decided that he didn’t want to move house after all (after we’d sold ours and bought another); We embarked on a major extension to our current home; My employer started legal proceedings against my husband (their ex employee)…..I could go on. But, the basic facts as of today are:

1. I am 37 weeks pregnant and expecting another little girl,
2. I finish work this Friday for another years maternity leave,
3. Our kitchen extension is not yet complete.


So, i’m back to talk about what its like to be pregnant with no 2 and also to make you aware of some lovely fashion finds for Mum, baby and toddler that I have found along the way over the last few months. I will be back over the next 48 hours with a “proper” post to be entitled “Mummy in Mourning”. Its good to be back.