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Something to say but how to say it?

27 Feb

Well, I’ve been away a while – but I’m back. (I’m sure you’re all thrilled…).

Randomly the reason I have been out of the loop for the best part of 7 months is due to my inability to construct a paragraph that told anyone interested I was expecting baby no 2. I’m not a fan of broadcasting your scan pictures on facebook and the suchlike. It seems like a very personal thing and something the whole world doesn’t necessarily need or want to hear about. So not only telling facebook friends, (who at least have the benefit of knowing my actual identity), but also readers of my blog, just didn’t sit right.

After several attempts at what could have been termed an “announcement” on the blog, I gave up. I have quite a few excuses that don’t involve pregnancy too. My hubby decided that he didn’t want to move house after all (after we’d sold ours and bought another); We embarked on a major extension to our current home; My employer started legal proceedings against my husband (their ex employee)…..I could go on. But, the basic facts as of today are:

1. I am 37 weeks pregnant and expecting another little girl,
2. I finish work this Friday for another years maternity leave,
3. Our kitchen extension is not yet complete.


So, i’m back to talk about what its like to be pregnant with no 2 and also to make you aware of some lovely fashion finds for Mum, baby and toddler that I have found along the way over the last few months. I will be back over the next 48 hours with a “proper” post to be entitled “Mummy in Mourning”. Its good to be back.


Barbie My Baby

21 Jun

Not content with the summer sales I am beginning to get overexcited about the prospect of the autumn winter season and some of my favourite stores are offering online sneak peeks of their new collections.

Whilst my fave high street store Zara is neither in sale nor previewing new collections, they have introduced a few new items into their kids range to keep me entertained. I was not able to resist this star bodywarmer and the sensible bit of my brain knows the babe will get more wear out of this than any number of pretty summer dresses …. mores the pity.

Available in three colour ways online at Zara.com


Becoming a mum gave me something to say…

4 Apr


My blog title today is based on a Mumsnet bloggers question that I answered on twitter without even thinking about it. The questions was, “What made you start blogging?”. I’m not trying to make myself sound rubbish before I had the babe I think I just mean that being a mum has given me confidence to push into areas of my capability I always wanted to explore. Being a mum is a role that I feel fits me. Maybe writing does too. Anyway, good question Mumsnet! Very thought provoking.

I think my blog has taken a more serious turn this week. Less fun and fashion and more personal diary. I was thinking today how much impact my state of mind has on the babe. If I’m stressed she’s much harder to manage so me looking after myself becomes so important for everyone. Need to get my head around managing working and family life and then I think things will settle down again. I do feel Iike I just have to get on with it for a while longer before I can make an informed decision on what to do next. I have a tendency to make decisions quickly, (it’s part of why I’m good at my job), but in my personal life I do try and remember to take a step back to make sure I’m doing the right thing. Easier said than done…

To make sure I keep that barbie element to my blog I’ve done what I’d promised to do a lot more and included a picture of the babe in one of her little outfits. The dungaree dress has a double layer skirt and is from baby Benetton. White leggings are a bargainous £3 from Next and the tee is a lovely pink and white stripe that came in a three pack last summer that bought in bigger sizes because I loved it so much! The bandana is infact a big from the brilliant funky giraffe. Check it their website for ally well priced bandana bibs and very quick postage.funky giraffe


My next blog is going to focus on sizing. Just like me the babe seems to be a different size in all the different stores and for a mate’s baby, getting a waistband that doesn’t stop the breathing is the issue!

Happy birthday baby

22 Mar


Phew! What a day. I am just sitting down at the end of the babe’s first birthday after what I hope was a lovely day for her. Its a celebration of her little life which goes someway to showing how amazing she is to me and how she’s made everything in life better and more worthwhile.

I’ve felt quite emotional really, it’s seem so unlikely that I had a baby just a year today and she is now this little person with a personality all her own. What a star.

What I have learned today however is that children’s birthdays don’t really belong to their parents. I suspect particularly in the pre-school years the day is over taken by well meaning but somewhat overwhelming relatives all keen to share in the special day. Regardless of this, I did manage to chill out and have a good time. Her best baby buddy and my equally best mummy friend made themselves available to us all day and were there by my side through every relative. My own mummy also brought a little pressie for her own little girl in the form of a baby book by Anthony Browne called “My Mum“. It’s one of those things that you couldn’t buy for yourself as it celebrates how good a mum you are but you always would hope someone thinks it of you. Bless her. http://www.childrenslaureate.org.uk/previous-laureates/books/1/25557/

Gran also bought the babe a tiny posy of gerberas. Hand tide and brightly coloured. I suspect this might become a tradition, and what a lovely one.

From a fashion perspective I think it may have been a low one for mum and baby. She was bought a number of clothes as gifts, (including a pink tutu dress and a baby Monsoon outfit), which whilst pretty and no doubt expensive are really not my cup of tea. I realise I won’t be able to dictate her wardrobe for much longer so I will for now! I know I am very hard to please. My weekend blog should up the baby fashion stakes as me and the best bud are heading out on a spree on Saturday afternoon. Watch this space!